We rarely see such an interest generated amongst the children after a  workshop. They are loving it! The school must ensure that the workshop is taken by all the students from 7th to 9th..  -a parent


just loved

CheMagicaa Workshop wherever it was conducted!

What are the students

and teachers


I learnt that Chemistry can also be learnt in a fun way...I wish that you make these kind of workshops for Biology and Physics, too! - a student

What I liked about the workshop was the fact that we could practically do our own experiments & through those got a good understanding of concepts - student


Generating Wow !


I learnt how Chemistry is important  in day-to-day life...I absolutely enjoyed doing every experiment and I am liking Chemistry even more!    - a student

This was my first experience in Chemistry lab where I got to do all the experiments by myself - a student

..besides Chemistry, he should  also teach us Physics and Biology  this way...  - a student

They are all talking about it! This is the first time we have seen totally positive opinion and liking towards a workshop by our students - a teacher

 I like the way the kits were reused and the chemical waste was carefully segregated - a student

I could make out from the level of interest & engagement that students really liked the workshop.

-a teacher and observer

It was great fun! I liked the slime making the most..and the Acetylene flame experiment was awsome!     -a student

It was interesting  and nice to learn Chemistry experimentally...  I liked the way Earth Environment was simulated in a Petri-dish to actually generate air pollutants and to see their bad  effects!  -a student