How Experimentum Learning was born? 

As a post-graduate student and later when I started my career in Research as a Scientist, I got opportunity to work in some of the best laboratories in the world and got exposure to cutting edge Science. However, even after 20 years, in India, we are not even near to minimum standard when it comes to laboratory exposure to students in schools and colleges and I always felt that students in our country deserve better exposure and training for learning Science through experimentation early on in schools. I started my bit by working with teachers and students of various schools to introduce hands-on experimentation for students as a routine practice. Now, taking this a step further, I have founded Experimentum - with a mission to generate enthusiasm for learning science amongst children and to instill the process of scientific inquiry in their curious minds.”

-Rajendra Rane, Founder, Experimentum Learning.

Experimentum is all about enthusing children to learn Science through hands-on experiments. It has recently rolled out the “CheMagicaa” program- a hands-on Chemistry Workshop for school students of 7-10 grades. In these workshops, every student performs experiments using a novel experimental kit. Experimentum also brings customized programs for younger kids. CheMagicaa Workshop has been receiving a phenomenal welcome from both students and teachers. It also plans to introduce hands-on lab workshops for Physics and Biology.

Experimentum will soon introduce teacher training workshops wherein Science teachers are introduced and trained to practice Constructivist approach of learning and facilitation in classrooms. The teacher training workshop is designed based on the recommendations from National Curriculum Framework-2005.

RAJENDRA RANE, after his graduation in Microbiology & Chemistry and post-graduation in Biotechnology (Genetic Engineering), started his career as a R&D Scientist with AstraZeneca - one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world. He did research and technology development for nearly two and half decades in the fields of Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Assay miniaturization and Automation.

However, teaching has always been his passion. He has been actively working with Rotary International for more than a decade with several projects related to education, youth empowerment, vocational training and school administration. He was also involved in corporate IT and Scientific Applications training, mentored and trained several summer students from IITs / Universities for more than a decade. He has been teaching Science to school and undergraduate students and has conducted inter-school Science Exhibitions and teacher training programs.