Experimentum is about...

Environment Friendly

Experimentum conforms with the principle of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. That's why the apparatus used are fabricated from re-usable or recycled material.

A concious attempt is made to minimize the quantity of chemicals and consumables used. Innovative, miniature design of the apparatus helps to reduce the experimental scale, typically 20-50 fold less!

Learning Experimentally

In our workshops, every student performs hands on experiments!

Safety for Children

Experiments are done under expert guidence and supervision. Every participant wears safty gear for protection while doing the experiment.

Experimentum Learning Philosophy

Experimentum Learning was founded with a mission to generate enthusiasm for learning Science amongst children and to instill the process of scientific inquiry in their curious minds.

With Experimentum Learning, Science is learnt through hands-on experimentation. In our lab sessions, students actively engage in performing experiments, make observations, ask questions, share and explain results. This way, not only do they grasp scientific concepts better but this process also helps instill scientific temperament in them!

What’s more, Experimentum brings out the relevance of Science learnt in everyday life. It also attempts to make the students aware of certain socio-economic and environmental concerns-with a larger goal of making them think responsibly and apply their minds towards solving these problems.

About Experimentum Learning 


Experimentum Learning brings a series of Science workshops with spectacular experiments for students, designed to capture their imagination. These experiments are easy to follow and safe to perform. The best part is, they work like magic!


Experimentum Learning makes learning Science a very interesting and intensely involving activity and, of course a lot of fun!


Experimentum Learning plans to introduce hands-on Science workshops for Chemistry, Physics and Biology.


CheMagicaa Experimental Chemistry Workshop is the first in the series.



Experimentum Learning uses a well-known Constructivist approach of learning. Constructivist approach is based on some of the path-breaking principles modern educational psychology:


  • Children learn much better when they are actively engaged in an interesting, involving activity.

  • Learning happens when children "construct" their own knowledge while exploring things.

  • Learning happens more effectively in collaborative environments like peer-to-peer exchange of observations, expression of thoughts and ideas. Concepts get rooted better.

  • The realm of their understanding expands when they realise/ derive at the application of the newly constructed knowledge.

  • Knowledge gained this way is much more empowering and long-lasting.        Read more..